Nicolae D Margineanu

Filmography Nicolae D Margineanu

Soul’s Redemption: A Pocket Guide Canal of Death White Gate George Manu – the Rector from Aiud Prison Arsenie Boca – A Man of God Universities and prisons Exchange American Fiancees Brasov (a guide for everything worth visiting) Bran Castle Bless You Prison Romania And Its Traditional Music The Famous[…]

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Resume Nicolae D Margineanu

Born 25 September 1938, Cluj, Romania. French and English speaking Graduate of the Cameraman Section, of the Theatre and Film Institute in Bucharest. Has carried out nine feature films, as Director of Photography. Since 1978 has worked as Film Director. From 1990 to 2009 he is the owner of Ager[…]

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About Nicolae D Margineanu

SOME INTERNATIONAL REVIEWS: VARIETY The International Entertainment Weekly 30 sept. 1991 ROMANIAN FEST UNDEVA IN EST (SOMEWHERE IN THE EAST) (ROMANIAN) This well-scripted, handsome film is an eloquent and entertaining argument against communism that will be a big help in putting Romania on the film industry map. Fine acting and[…]

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