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Resume Ana Margineanu

Ana Margineanu graduated from the University of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest, Department of Theater Directing, in 2001. Since then, Ana has directed over 20 shows, participated in the Lincoln Center Directors Lab in New York, became a member of DramAcum, and founded , together with the American director Tamilla Woodard and the playwright Peca Stefan – PopUP Theatrics, a company that creates site-specific theater, in international artistic collaborations. The most recent PopUP project is Oraşul Paralel, an immersive trilogy created in Timisoara. The first part of the trilogy premiered in August 2021, following installations in 2022 and 2023, within the Timisoara project. European Capital,


Other shows created in New York include Miami Motel Stories (2020, Juggerknot Company), The Female Role Model Project, (2018, 3LD Technology Center), Bamboo in Bushwick (Urban Stages, 2017), Wild Child in The City (2015, The Secret Theater), The Window (2012, Romanian Cultural Institute), Hotel Project (2011, The Internationalists), The Blind Trip (LAPAC, 2010).


In Romania, the most recent project in a theater hall is represented by Anul Disparut, a trilogy created in collaboration with Peca Stefan. The Disappeared Year aims to recreate from the memories of the members of the artistic and technical team of the show a “forgotten” year. The first part of the installation, Anul Disparut.1989 premiered at Teatrul Mic, Bucharest in December 2015, the second part, which investigates 1996, appeared in 2016 at Teatrul Tineretului in Piatra Neamt and the end of Anul Disparut 2007 – premiered at Teatrul Small in 2017. Also in collaboration with Peca Stefan, Ana developed the project About Romania Only for Good, a series of shows / portraits of Romanian cities, including: True stories completely invented from Baia Mare, 5 Miraculous Minutes from Piatra Neamt, Targoviste de Jucarie, Sfantul din Sfantul Gheorghe si Timisoara. End of Line.


Ana’s shows have also been presented in Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia, UK, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. The awards include the New York Innovative Theater Awards Best Ensemble (The Window), Best Play – Relationship Drama London Fringe Report (The Sunshine Play), Best Performance at FestCO (5 Miraculous Minutes) and Best Performance at the Drama Festival Romanesti (89, 89 Hot after ’89).





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