Sorin Toma is an angry and stubborn individual. In his years of working as an investigator for CNSAS (The Council of Study for the Archives of Securitate – the former Communist secret police) he has seen lots of evil deeds and scarce results. It seems that the only heritage he could pass onto his young colleague, the legal adviser Radu Olar, is one of hatred, threats and a built-up need of vengeance.

When Radu is almost determined to leave this challenging partnership, the case of a lifetime shows up. New evidence seems to have come up leading to a possible indictment. A prominent religious figure of contemporary Romania – father Iustin Manu – seems to be not only a culprit for collaborating with the Communist police, but also possibly involved in a murderous act.

Without the proper judicial authority, but attempting to force an explanation, the two investigators climb to father Iustin’s hermitage, in a cave at the top of a mountain. At the end of this battle of convictions and human energy, none of the protagonists will be the same as before.