GEORGE MANU the Rector from Aiud Prison

George Manu, a brilliant physicist, was convicted by the communist court in 1948 to hard labor and life in the Aiud prison. Here, he will become a source of knowledge for the other prisoners, whom he helps survive the somber prison life by taking a refuge in the world of knowledge.

He is offered the freedom to work in the Soviet nuclear center in Dubna, in exchange for his giving up on his ideals, but he refuses, the same way as he refuses, on his death bed, to deny his beliefs in exchange for the healing treatment.

He dies in prison and his body is tossed in the mass grave in Ripa Robilor (Slaves Hole), but his image remains alive in the memory of all those who respectfully named him “the professor”. He was a brilliant scientist, and man who dearly loved his country and its people, a formidable spirit…